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The commuter benefit is a month-to-month benefit that lets you use pre-tax payroll deductions to pay for eligible parking and transportation expenses you incur as part of your daily commute to work.

NOTE: Effective 1/1/2021, DFIN's commuter program will be through Smart-Choice.  


This voluntary benefit is not sponsored, maintained, subsidized nor endorsed by DFIN.

Save Money

  • You can save an average of 30% on daily commuting expenses to work.
  • There's no "use it or lose it" as long as you're employed by DFIN.

How to Participate

It's easy to participate in the commuter benefit program:

  • Enroll through Smart-Choice at any time.
  • Elect your monthly contribution for transit and/or parking expenses per the IRS regulations. The IRS regulations can vary from year to year.
  • Funds are withheld from your paycheck on a monthly basis on the 1st paycheck of the month. This means your payroll deduction in February is for February's benefit month, not March.
  • To change or cancel your order for any month, all changes must be made by the 10th of the month prior to the benefit month. For example, if you want to modify your order for February, the changes must be made by January 10th. To make changes, log in to your account.