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Life Insurance Beneficiary

When you sign up for the Life and Accident Insurance Program, you must designate a beneficiary. To change your beneficiary designation go to the Prudential website, follow the prompts to register if you haven't already done so. Click "submit" when you are finished changing your designations.

401(k) Savings Plan Beneficiary

It is important that you name a primary beneficiary when you enroll in the 401(k) Savings Plan. If you die, your beneficiary is entitled to receive the full value of your vested account (as long as such person survives you for at least 48 hours).

If you die and have not named a beneficiary, or if your designated beneficiary dies before you (or within 48 hours of your death) and you have not named a contingent beneficiary, your beneficiary will be:

  • Your spouse; or
  • If there is no surviving spouse, your estate.

You may begin the process of changing your beneficiary at any time; go to the Empower website, or call Empower at 1-844-243-4773.

NOTE: If your most recent beneficiary designation was submitted under the Donnelley Plan before September 2, 2016 it will transfer to the Plan.

HSA Beneficiary

To designate a beneficiary for your Health Savings Account (HSA), go to Optum Bank or call 1-866-234-8913.

Supplemental Health Care Coverage Beneficiary

If you elect supplemental health care coverage through MetLife (hospitalization, accident and critical illness insurance), you need to name a beneficiary. Contact MetLife at 1-855-564-6638 to request a beneficiary form.