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​When you need to find a doctor or hospital, take the time to research your options.

Follow the steps below to help find a provider or medical facility that meets your needs.

1. Check Your Provider Network

Start with a search. Ask if your friends, family and coworkers recommend their doctor and why. Your Medical Program works with a group of doctors, specialists and health care facilities. This is known as your provider network. Before you see a doctor, search BCBSIL providers to see the doctors and hospitals in your provider network.

Log in for optimal results. To see the most accurate results, register or log in to the Blue Access for MembersSM (BAMSM) secure member website. In BAM, you'll get personalized search results covered by your Medical Program.

2. Research and Narrow Your List

Go online. Blue Cross Blue Shield of Illinois provides a report to help you in your search, the Blue StarSM Medical Group/IPA Report recognizes medical groups who provide quality patient care.

You can also log in to BAM to see ratings, reviews, awards and recognitions.

3. Make Your Choice and Your Appointment

Save your research, just in case you decide to switch to another doctor or hospital later. If you've done everything outlined here, chances are you've found the right doctor for you!

Keep in mind, some doctors will do a free meet-and-greet. If you're not satisfied, you can always switch to another doctor until you find the right fit.