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Know what happens when you leave the company. Make sure you understand what you need to do.

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Medical, Dental, Vision, Employee Assistance Program (EAP)

  • Active health insurance coverage ends at midnight on the day in which you separate from your employment.
  • If your separation is a qualifying event under COBRA, you, your covered spouse/domestic partner and dependent child(ren), if any, can elect to continue coverage under the plan.

Health Care Flexible Spending Account (FSA)

  • Your FSA debit card will be deactivated as of your separation date.
  • You may continue to submit eligible expenses to Your Spending Account for your Health Care FSA up to the full amount of your annual election, less any amount that has already been reimbursed, provided the services were incurred on or prior to your separation date.
  • You have the option of continuing your Health Care FSA until the end of the year in which you separate from employment by making a COBRA election.

Dependent Care Flexible Spending Account (FSA)

  • You may submit eligible expenses up to the amount available in your current Dependent Care FSA as of your separation effective date.
  • You have until March 31 of the following year to submit eligible expenses, as long as the dates of services for which reimbursement is requested are prior to your separation effective date. Any remaining funds left in the Dependent Care FSA at that time will be forfeited.


For more information on medical, dental, vision and the FSAs, call 1-844-44-DFSCO (1-844-443-3726).

Basic Life and AD&D and Optional Life Insurance

  • Coverage ends on your last day worked.
  • If you are currently covered, you generally have 31 days from the separation effective date to port or convert your current coverage through Prudential (company code: 52179).

Commuter Benefit

  • Alight will receive your termination information and cancel your eligibility to participate in the commuter program.
  • Any scheduled recurring commuter orders will be cancelled on the date of your termination or the date that Alight receives notice of your termination date, whichever date is later. However, to ensure you don't get charged for an additional month of benefits, cancel your recurring monthly commuter election following your termination. Contact Alight by calling 1-844-443-3726. The benefit election cut-off date is the 10th day of each month for the next month's commuter benefit.

Good to Know

Health Savings Account (HSA)

  • Your HSA is owned by you and any funds in the account belong to you if you leave the company.
  • You can continue to use your HSA for qualified health expenses.
  • Contact Optum or call 1-866-234-8913 for more information.


  • Basic STD coverage generally ends on your last day worked except due to a qualified separation in accordance with the Donnelley Financial Separation Pay Plan.
  • LTD benefits continue regardless of your employment status as long as you remain disabled.

401(k) Savings Plan

  • You are no longer able to make contributions to the Savings Plan once your employment ends.
  • You will be entitled to receive the full vested value of your account on separation. Contact Empower Retirement or call 1-844-243-4773 — reference plan number 150557-01 to request a distribution or rollover of your eligible account balance.
  • If you terminate employment with the Company your ability to make loan payments through payroll deductions will generally end. However, you may elect to repay the loan in full, or continue to make monthly loan payments via Empower Retirement.
  • Refer to the Summary Plan Descriptions or contact Empower Retirement for distribution and loan information.

MetLife Auto & Home and Pet Insurance and Supplemental Health Care Benefits

  • These benefits are generally portable, meaning you can take them with you if your employment status changes, as long as you continue paying the premium. To learn more, contact MetLife or call 1-800-GET MET8 (1-800-438-6388)