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If you were employed by RR Donnelley before 2010 or were in a pension plan sponsored by Moore Wallace, Banta Corporation or Bowne, your pension benefit moved from RR Donnelley to the frozen Donnelley Financial Pension Plan.

Pension Plan Checklist

Within one, five or even 10 years of your expected retirement date:

  • Request an estimate of your pension benefit from the Pension Service Center. For faster service, have your user ID and password available.

Within 45 to 90 days before you want to start receiving your pension benefit:

  • Contact the Pension Service Center to start the application process. You will need your user ID and password.
  • When you initiate your retirement with the Pension Service Center, you will receive a letter and all the necessary information and forms that need to be completed to apply for your pension benefit. As indicated on the forms, you will need to have certain signatures notarized and return required supporting documentation.
  • If you terminate employment and do not contact the Pension Service Center, you will receive a letter within six months after your separation date. The letter will indicate the amount of your pension benefit and when you can start to receive it.

For more information about the pension plan or to confirm your eligibility for pension benefits, contact the Pension Service Center or 1-866-767-1212. 

The date your pension benefit begins depends on:

  • How quickly you return your completed paperwork;
  • The form of payment you elect (a lump sum, if available, or monthly payments);
  • How much time has elapsed since you separated from the company; and
  • The payment start date.