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You have three medical options through Blue Cross Blue Shield of Illinois (BCBSIL). All medical options include prescription drug coverage through CVS Caremark

IMPORTANT: If You Don't Enroll in Medical Coverage

New Hires: If you don't enroll in a Medical Program before your benefit effective date, you will not have coverage for the Plan year. Your benefits will take effect on the first day of the month after your date of hire, regardless of the day of the month you started employment.  

Medical Options at a Glance

All medical options generally cover the same services and prescription drugs, but they differ in how you pay. Consider your typical health care use and your ability to cover unexpected health care costs to determine which option will work best for your situation.

Coverage Categories

Annual Deductible

Annual Out-of-Pocket Maximum
(Medical & Rx combined)

HSA Contribution from DFIN*

Employee Only




Employee + Spouse

Employee + Child(ren)


($1,000 individual deductible)

($4,000 individual maximum)






You pay 20% after deductible

You pay 40% after deductible

Preventive Care

You pay $0 and no deductible

You pay 40% after deductible

Office Visit

You pay 20% after deductible

You pay 40% after deductible


You pay 20% after deductible

You pay 40% after deductible

Emergency Room

You pay $20% after deductible

You pay 20% after deductible if true emergency, otherwise 40% of balance after deductible

* Prorated based on your benefits effective date. Learn more.

Annual Preventive Care: 100% Covered In-Network

Preventive care is important for your and your family's health. It can help you stay healthy and may help identify health issues before they become long-term conditions. Preventive care includes annual physical exams, gender-specific screenings (such as pap tests, mammograms and prostate screenings), age-based immunizations, and routine dental and eye exams.

In-network preventive care is 100% covered under the DFIN medical, dental and vision plans. To be covered, care must meet nationally recognized preventive care guidelines such as minimum age and frequency rules.

Get In-Network Care

Reimbursement is lower if you see an out-of-network doctor or other provider. Find in-network doctors and more information at or call 1-855-691-8003.

Support for Specific Conditions

Support for individuals with coronary artery disease, congestive heart failure or cancer may be provided through BCBSIL at no additional cost. To get information about the programs available to you and your covered dependents, contact a Benefits Value Advisor at 1-888-895-6981.

Also, if you are undergoing chemotherapy or later need such treatment, ask your doctor to contact BCBSIL for prior authorization.

If you or a covered family member has diabetes, you can take advantage of the diabetes management program through Livongo. You'll receive a free blood glucose meter, unlimited free test strips and lancets. You can also get support from coaches to get answers to your questions about diabetes, nutrition and lifestyle changes. This program is available through BCBSIL coverage — so it is available only if you are covered by the DFIN medical plan. Learn more or register at (Registration Code: DFINSOLUTIONS) or call 1-800-945-4355.

Virtual Visits

You and your covered dependents can get care for many non-emergency issues through MDLIVE whenever — and wherever — it's convenient for you, 24/7. Whether you're traveling or at home, you can speak with a board-certified doctor immediately or schedule an appointment based on your availability.

MDLIVE doctors can help treat conditions like allergies, asthma, nausea, sinus infections, colds and flu, ear problems, pinkeye, and more.

Connect with MDLIVE:

To Register: You’ll need to provide your first and last name, date of birth, and BCBSIL member ID number.