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Prescription drug coverage is provided through CVS Caremark.

Prescription Drug Benefits at a Glance





You pay 20% after deductible

You pay 20% after deductible


You pay 30% after deductible

You pay 30% after deductible


You pay 40% after deductible

You pay 40% after deductible


You pay 40% after deductible
(retail only)

You pay 40% after deductible
(retail only)

Get tips and learn about important prescribing rules.


To find local pharmacies in your network, register at CVS Caremark or download the CVS Caremark app to access the pharmacy search tool.

Maintenance Choice Program

Pick-Up or Delivery?

With Maintenance Choice, save time and money by getting a 90-day supply of your maintenance medication filled at your local CVS pharmacy, including those in Target stores, OR mailed directly to your home. Pay the same price either way. Maintenance medications are prescriptions commonly used to treat conditions that are considered chronic or long-term and usually require daily use (examples include high blood pressure and cholesterol).

CVS Caremark also offers an automatic refill program through Maintenance Choice.

Spread Your Mail Service Payments Over Three Months!

Go to CVS Caremark to learn more about an easy, affordable payment plan for 90-day supplies via the Mail Service.


  • If you are currently taking or move to a maintenance medication at any point in the future, you must use Maintenance Choice for your 90-day maintenance prescriptions after the first fill at either a local CVS pharmacy, including those in Target stores, or use CVS Caremark Mail Service for home delivery.
  • You can have a maintenance medication filled one time at any pharmacy in the CVS Caremark network — for a 30-day supply. After that, prescriptions will be required to be purchased at a 90-day supply.
  • If you continue to order 30-day supplies of your maintenance medications without using the Maintenance Choice Program or CVS Caremark Mail Service, the cost of certain maintenance medications will be covered only if you order it through the Maintenance Choice Program.
  • If you prefer to obtain long-term medications through any network pharmacy, you must contact CVS Caremark to opt out of the Maintenance Choice Program.

This program was built to save you money and make getting your maintenance prescriptions convenient. However, if you find this program does not work for you, please contact CVS Caremark at  1-800-268-5187  to discuss your particular circumstances and your options.